The Wolf and the Donkey – a modern parable

This is a beautiful and incredibly touching story of love and grace. Original credit below.

On May 9, 2007, in the mountains of northern Albania in the northwestern city of Patok, a wolf was captured and put in a pen. To feed him, his captors decided to give him “live food,” an old donkey who, having been exploited for many years by its owners, had become worthless to them. Nobody expected to see what happened next.

Both animals, prisoners of an evil man with a desire for possession and selfishness, did something unexpected. The wolf looked into the donkey’s eyes and the poor old donkey did the same, and the two became friends. Because in a world dominated by the greed and apathy of men, the titles of prey and predator become meaningless, and a wonderful friendship can develop between two souls, victims of the same evil, only made possible by emotions that we struggle to understand. 

12.000 people had written to the government of Albania asking that the life of donkey be spared and the wolf released to the wild. The story got coverage from the Albanian television and under the huge pressure of the public, they finally let both of them free.

The original article mentions that the donkey lives now happily on a green pasture and that the wolf would even pass by sometimes to visit him.

Original source:

Thanks to Occupy for Animals. Please visit their page here:


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