In honour of World Donkey Day, please donate and help save a donkey’s like

Going through the many photos, I am struck by how well donkeys and pack animals have served mankind, and how poorly we have repaid the debt we owe them.
Surely we can do better than this?
Photo by fdortort
 Photo courtesy of The Brooke

 Courtesy of the Elisabeth Svendsen Trust
Photo by Andy Yanowitz

Photo courtesy of The Brooke
Wild burros after the helicopter roundup waiting their fate
At the feedlot 😦

 #174 – Chocolate mini Jenny. . .$225.
This little girl is only a yearling and approx 34 inches tall but stood in the pen very quietly beside #176, who she seemed quite bonded to. Very cute and friendly little girl. She led through the ring quietly at a walk with her buddy, #176.

Photos courtesy of Camelot Auction House


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