Horseplay is an amalgamation of the things I hold dear: Family, friends, adventures, life, the beach, dogs, horses. It is also the stepping stone to the future. The equine industry is one that runs the gammut of effectiveness when it comes to leveraging social media, developing effective websites, creating profitable and forward looking marketing and communication strategies. In many ways, with the exception of a few top echelon riders and some very clever folks, it’s an industry where people and horses struggle to survive. I focus on developing social media, web, event and communication solutions for small to mid-size equine-related businesses, and promoting product and talent. My goal is to help clients establish successful long-term programs, focusing on unique offerings and successes.

Who is Sue?
I am a “rusty stirrup”, Equine Canada certified coach, and ambitious competitor with two amazing horses and Grand Prix dreams on a schooling show budget. In my other lives, I have more than 20 years experience managing marketing and corporate events (including galas, conferences and conventions for as many as 3500 people). I throw a mean cocktail reception, an inspiring and effective equestrian clinic or show, create winning marketing and communication strategies, build successful sponsorship programs, and develop/execute social media campaigns to raise funds and build awareness. I have been know to write a mean newsletter, am passionate about relevant, creative content, andhave built a website or two.

My priorities in life are family, and particularly Emma and Max. When not heading to the barn or the hockey arena, I spend my time helping people and animals. I own two rescued horses, two rescued dogs, and of course would have more if allowed!  As a coach and therapeutic riding instructor, and I actively promote the concept of horsemanship and animal welfare. It seems I have a big heart, a proclivity for looking at animals in need, and a small wallet. When the latter two items conflict, interesting things have been known to happen…

Currently, I am located in Toronto, Ontario, and can be reached at 647-996-0897 /


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